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Patient Services


Valley Wound Healing Center is committed to providing the latest in wound treatment therapies with compassion - We know that dealing with chronic and slow-healing wounds can be stressful and we are here to help. With on-site Podiatry Services and Vascular Surgeon availability, we treat many types of wounds including but not limited to:

  • Simple and Complicated wound care
  • Ostomy care
  • Lymphedema Management
  • VAC therapy
  • ABI and TBI studies
  • Vascular assessments

We also keep you on the road to good health and recovery with:

  • Nutritional education
  • Preventative education


HBO Chamber

Please click here to learn more about Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy treatments.


Innovative Wound Care

Our company assists its affiliated hospitals and private practices in utilizing a best-practices model enhanced by nationally accepted wound care algorithms to significantly improve outcomes for patients with chronic non-healing wounds.

We do this by employing comprehensive and flexible pathways that recognize the needs of individual patients and the marketplace, and the talents of individual physicians treating them. Our methodology ensures that patients have access to subspecialty surgeons who utilize the latest in diagnostic testing, technology and treatments.

We assist hospitals in providing comprehensive wound care services, including hyperbaric medicine, in an outpatient setting via successful wound care departments and satellite clinics. These departments and clinics typically offer the following:

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Patient assessment, including cultures and biopsies
  • Direct wound care, including debridement, non-contact casting, and unna boot application
  • Growth factors
  • Diabetic education
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Vascular procedures and studies
  • Transcutaneous oxygen testing and mapping
  • Bio-engineered skin grafts
  • Pain management
  • Infection control
  • Inpatient wound management


Patient Wound Management Comparisons



Control Group

Length of Stay (LOS)

8.9 days*

13.2 days

Lower Extremity Amputation (LEA)



Healing Rate

76% in 12 weeks

24% in 12 weeks & 31% in 20 weeks


*LOS for uncomplicated Osteomyellitis for CFWH patients was 5.9 days

As you can see, implementing a HBO service through CFWH greatly reduces hospital time, decreases amputation rates, and speeds the healing process. Hyperbaric medicine has proven to be cost-effective and efficient in healing wounds and preventing both amputations and revised surgical procedures.


Physician Benefits

Physicians can benefit from an affiliation with our company in a number of ways. Wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy can dramatically improve the reputation of physician practices, boost patient outcomes and improve patient quality of life.

Your patients will benefit enormously from pain reduction and many other quality of life improvements that result from the successful healing of chronic wounds.


Problem Wound Management

Wagner Classifications and Associated Pathogens




Monitor for Improvement


4 to 8 weeks failure to heal. Refer to wound specialist


Refer to Wound Specialist


Refer to Wound Specialist


Refer to Wound Specialist


Refer to Wound Specialist




No Ulcer


Superficial skin ulcer


Deep ulcer extending through dermis. Tendon, ligaments, joint capsule or bone may be exposed


Deep ulcer with abscess, osteomyelitis or joint sepsis


Localized gangrene--forefoot or heel


Gangrene of the foot


Typical Pathogens


  • "Normal" skin flora
  • Predominantly gram-positives, (Streptococcus, the Staphylococcus, Enterococcus spps.) lesser numbers of aerobic gram negatives and anaerobes. Bacterial population is more homogenous.
  • Polymicrobial (gram-positive, gram-negative and anaerobic) infections with increased number of the latter two species. Bacterial population is more heterogeneous.

Latest News

Grand Opening of VWHC
April 18th, 2013
Valley Wound Center will be opening the doors of it's new facility in February of 2013.

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